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Well my first attempt was a bust. System didn't want to boot no matter what I did. reset bios, 1 ram stick, different video card, no video card.... Everything I tried failed. My 5770 was revving out off control and I wasn't getting beep codes so I couldn't do anything but try different things blindly. I'm gonna give my system the chance to warm up and possible dry off. Then I'll try again tonight or tomorrow.

I have noticed my computer doesn't like to boot after not having power for 30+minutes. I haven't tried replacing the cmos battery lately but I think I put a brand new one in when I got it this summer. That or my board has had enough of my abuse. when I bought i was on my motorcycle and it had no packaging just the box. So it bumped around in the box for 50-60 miles as I ran other errands and such. It also swan dived off a curb in Chicago while I was on my way to a LAN party. And now it's been "frozen" I think I'm gonna name this thing the "The Tank"