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2600k + Asrock P67 Extreme6

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Anyone with a 2600k and Asus P67 Extreme6 out there who would like to share his OC options?
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easy game- set the multi to for example 46

figure out v-core needed,try 1,3 v-

set long and short term power duration to 170

you can also use the auto overclock,but it pushes the v -core way too high.

these are mine for 4,8

the chip is crap,you may need less v-core-bios 1.30

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What cooler did you use? And what are the temps on 4.8Ghz? (got H50 myself)

Also, did you try a DPC Latency test with your Extreme6? Mine goes above 2k (red bar) whenever I start a youtube video with audio
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custom water-low 70 th.

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It could be because I'm using Vista x32 (Was using this to OC and install programs like real temp/IBT/Linx/Prime95 so when the OC is done...I don't have to put these programs on my W7 x64)

Might be a vista related problem
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wise decision;meanwhile my 7 is kinda bombed-out

...after all these blue screens

extra partition for extreme stability testing recommended
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new beta bios for the extreme 6 available

1.33a-allows bios screenshots saved to usb stick and better oc capability--v core up to 1,7


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Yup, noticed it too.

I noticed another thing too though. Go to normal BIOS download and 1.40 is available there.

1.40 > 1.33a or am I wrong?

1.40 is a tiny bit bigger than 1.33a and it's released on the same day (today).
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hehe,this morning the 1,4 was not avalable-lol

would be nice to see the differences between both

i flashed the beta...you may test the 1,4.
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Gonna flash it in a few mins.

Gonna check if I'm able to change Vcore to 1.7. If I can, then 1.4 is basically 1.33a with updated codes
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