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Not to necro this but just to clear it up for the op. That system has 3 video cards in a hybrid setup. the 760i with its on-board and two pcix 8x 9800s (watered down 9800 gt's) stuck into two mxm 16x channels. The system uses the the 760i as the primary to control the two daughter cards (9800s). Example would be that the 760i gets a image to display so it breaks it up and sends it to the two 9800s's for them to run then they send it back to the 760i to finish up and display the resulted image. People have dropped in 285gtx mxm cards and they do install and activate but you can not use them as the system still sends all images first to the 760i and it has no clue what to do with them since the 9800s are not present. this system was sorta a test bed along with one that dell (I think who made one also) tried and failed at. This was voodoo's last PC build before HP took them apart. The problem is with upgrading the cards is the system really needs a bios overhaul. All the stuff is their physically to do it but its just limited in the bios. If it was not locked down like it is. It would of IMO been a worth while setup. It has hot swap with raid, up to 8gigs ddr2 and up to a q9650. It also has two mini pcix slots but pfft who uses that crap anyways besides netbooks. But to answere the op question, You have to oc the 760 as well plus the two 9800s. You also do not see much gain. I think during testing only got 3fps over stock and heat went way up. Remember that you are also cooling a cpu+760i+2x 9800s on one cooler.
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Hey all,

I have same rig, Firebird 803 though. I get like 2 GIG ram combined using hybrid SLI between the dual 9800S and the 760 sli chip. Hey this PC is actually incredibly well designed. The archetiecture is amazing. It's so quiet and cooled like an iceberg. I bet the cards and processor can be REALLY pushed to the limits on this one. I can tell just by looking inside the case.

Anyways, I am going to upgrade to dual GTX570M. I found a pair on ebay for 450. To me it's worth it if it will push my system to another level. Right now, you can feel the gears sorta grinding when playing most games at high. I'm playing SWTOR in high and it runs really well. Anyway, I wanted to first see if I can overclock these cards. I know they can take whatever you can throw at them. Like I said before, the cooling is well designed.

I can't find anythig that works though. I have tried 2 different apps.

This system and the hybrid SLI and the fact that HP made it frown.gif and it's so locked down, has lots of sensitive limitations. For instance, after I upgraded to Windows 7, hybrid SLI was down. It was a driver issue of course. No driver would work, not even HP's. They fixed it, and I basically can't ever update my drivers for these cards again they said.

They also said if I upgraded to the dual GTX 570's that they can make the driver work by altering something in the driver ini files or what not.

If anyone can point me to an overclocking app for these 9800S's that would be cool as I'd like to try and push these things to the limit and see if it really makes any difference in my frame rates and game play.

I'm super curious.
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