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Project: Rheostat IV

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This is my build log for a RGB led controller for the poor man- I can't seem to find one for under $20, and none at all for PC specific use. The constraints for this project are:

Must access 16 million colors
Must be less than $20
Must be durable and easy to install/remove (apart from where you put your LEDs)
Must be user friendly and simple.

I'll be getting all the materials (about $40 worth, got extra for the proto and whatnot) in about 13-15 days and should have a running prototype in 15-17 days.

Once i get her going, I'll be assembling kits for a DIY led kit that should be >$20 - I'm actually shooting for ~10.

The concept is simple-

molex 5v- trimmer pot to 3.4v, epoxy top in place (3)- trimmer pot for color change (3)- RJ11 output jack (X as needed)- RJ11 cable (X as needed)- RJ 11 Input jack- Satellite PCB- Wire (cut to size of half the fan diagonal + 3cm)- and finally, the RBG LED.

This would allow the kit to mark down the voltage to usable current and then mark down said current from %0-%100 for each LED channel
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Hello, new here Haven't registered before, don't know exactly why, but here i am

So... interesting thing you're going for, dude, i like it! So can this thing be controlled by software, like .. the alienfx or something similar Would love to see an update!!

Good luck
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