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so recently my zune HD stopped being recognized by the software, i downloaded a program listed under microsoft support that would make sure everything was good computer-side. anyway it told me a few .dll where missing. so i figure i could just unisntall it then reinstall to fix it. well moving on i try to uninstall it and it kept giving me error code 0x800724 or something like that. after some more googling i came across unzoone which is supposed to manually uninstall it. well that seemed to go well, it said it removed files, dll's, and all that fun snazz so i rebooted.

WELL when i run the setup file downloaded directly from the zune site it says "zune software is already up to date". i did a search on the computer with th keyword zune and the only things that came up were the install exe and a few zune art jpg files in the music folders.

what else can i do? the zune software nolonger shows up in the program list and i dont anything else i can try

edit- used perfect uninstaller and low and behold there was still some zune files left on the computer, used it to uninstall and now going through the zune setup sofar without a problem
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