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won't be worth it after paying shipping (about $18 one way). That's about 1/3 what I paid redface.gif

I read feed backs at Newegg and many of them said the fan was clicking and just a few said they had received quiet fans but I'm beginning to think those quiet fan posts are bunk

They're not bunk, but people are a lot more ready to post a review on Newegg when something is wrong than when everything is fine (exhibit A: yourself -- you were quick to come here to post a negative review of the PSU and of XFX as a whole, but you might not have said anything if everything had been fine -- not a criticism or an attack, just an observation smile.gif
As I said in your other thread on this subject, the clicking fan issue, while unfortunate, only affects a minority of units.

I still recommend that you RMA it. It won't cost you $18. The PSU will fit in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box, which will cost you about $10-11 to mail. A good fan costs about the same and if you RMA it, the warranty won't be void.