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thanks for the help I like security so I might look into it
Smoothwall needs very little for hardware, so a basic dual core with something like 1gb of ram and two network cards, would work just fine.

good luck with all of it. But for now you should just hook up the router and see how things go from there.

go download malware bytes and super anti spyware. Use those to scan your computer to make sure you are virus and spyware free.

I use AVG as my antivirus program.

malware bytes

super anti spyware.


I use AVG as my active antivirus, and use malware and SAS as software that can be used along side AVG to check for viruses.

If you have issues with clutter on your computer you could use defraggler and cclean which work very nicely.

works great for cleaning up temp files and registry issues.

Great defragmenter. Much better then the windows one.

The use of a software firewall on your actual computer isn't really needed when you are using common sense and antivirus along with a router.