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Please bear with me. I am building my 1st system at the tender age of 40 and it's driving me nuts. I got MB, CPU, etc in and now trying to connect power on/off cable case cable to motherboard.

This is really confusing since Cooler master HAF X has like 110 cables from front panel that need to be connected to MB. i am stuck with following: (IDE LED, Power SW, Reset SW, Power On, etc..)

they are all tiny 2 pin cables and on MB Asus P8P67 deluxe it is not very clear where exactly i plug them in.

I see the area in manual where they need to be but there are like 14 pins and i am not even sure if they are connecting horizontally or vertically...

Any idea where i can find more info on these? I searched asus website for the forums but i couldn't even find the forums there?

Thanks a lot