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I know this post is a bit late but, hopefully this will be of use to others.
This should apply to all the GTX2xx series.
My setup consists of 2 GTX 275s and 3 Dell 24 inch 1920x1200 monitors. 5760x1200 in spanned/surround mode.
Ideally the graphics cards should be the same model.
A GTS 250 will not work with a GTX 275 as SLI.
Working in SLI is not the same as connecting in SLI.
You need the cards connected in SLI to use span/surround. When span/surround is selected it disables SLI.
You should have 3 identical monitors, or at least the same resolution.
The connections should be all DVI or all HDMI, do not mix and match.
In my setup the Left and Centre monitors are on the Primary card.
The Right monitor is on the Secondary card. (When connected in SLI the DVI next to the motherboard does not work).
SLI will only be available to 2 monitors. (Guess you need Triple graphics cards for 3).
Surround will be available for 3 monitors.
Don't forget to download the latest drivers for you cards.
Some games will work in surround and other require softTH with all displays enabled.
This setup is working in Windows 7 64 bit.
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