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Gtx 560 eyefinity w/SLI

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Yay im waiting for my EVGA gtx 560 and.... I am worried about eyefinity. I am considering eyefinity (still prefer 3d but why not both) and i saw on some websites like this http://www.hardwareheaven.com/review...-surround.html that the eyefinity is run with only the SLI and cfx setup but on none eyefinity games they did it with just one. Is this because of video RAM management or performance.

That leads to my second question. will i be able to some how "share" my video RAM for two 560s on three diferent screens because i do know that in a normal situation they won't share RAM will this change for eyefinify if so how come they could run 3 1080 screens on 1gb. Will the only thing missing would be more detail or will the game not run at all if the video RAM is maxed out. Is there anything to fix these issues.

Sorry if im not clear im tired but im still curious.
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Ok, I'm going to try to do my best to understand what your asking and answer accordingly.

First, EyeFinity is only found on AMD cards, the equivalent on Nvidia is referred to as "2D Surround." They also have "3D Surround" which is 3 screens as well but with their 3D Vision also implemented.

If you are buying Nvidia cards the ONLY way to get 2D Surround is by having SLI setups. Nvidia cards only output 2 signals at a time, no matter what signal they are (HMDI, DVI, VGA, DP) so you'll need two cards (SLI) in order to do this. AMD does it differently, the cards actually support up to 3 signals, but they can only make 2 DVI signals and one DP (DisplayPort) signal. You'll need either a DP monitor or an "ACTIVE" DP to DVI adapter (I can't stress enough how much you HAVE TO HAVE ACTIVE, no passive won't work). So for EyeFinity it works on just one card with the correct monitors OR adapters.

About your VRAM. When GPU's are in CF or SLI they function as a dual-core GPU but do not function as though they have twice as much ram. They mirror the vram. So whatever one card has on it's VRAM the other one does as well, so while you might have 2X 1GB cards...you will only have 1GB of useful vram. If you're gaming at 5760x1080 1GB will be enough for MOST games even with AA and 4XAF. But anything higher than that in most games you'll start noticing some chop.

I think that breaks down and explains what I think your questions were asking.
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See this: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/review...ty-vs-sli.html

Like TheCondor13 said about the active dp adapter. Also make sure you get the displayport side to match the card you're using (if ATI). It comes in both displayport and mini displayport.
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