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MSI 870A-G54 Problems with RAM speed

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I'm currently running a MSI 870A-G54 with 4 gigs (2x2) of GSKILL RIPJAWS F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL memory. Its advertised as DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) with 9-9-9-24-2N at 1.5v.

The problem is my mobo only recognizes it as 1333, not 1600. This is under autodetect settings. How would I go about boosting it to 1600? How much of a performance increase would I see?

Thanks in advance for any help. smile.gif
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I think the board defaults to 1333 MHz anyways, you need to "OC" the timing to meet the stated timing of the RAM. If I'm not mistaken, MSI considers 1600 MHz an OC setting, so it'll be 1333 MHz default.

I own this exact board and I noticed that if I tweak my BIOS settings, (As in I overclocked my CPU only) then it will change the timing on it's own (the BIOS changed the MHz of the RAM automatically).

I'm not saying OC your CPU to make the RAM meet the advertized specs. But you should be able to OC the RAM and make it work.

For all the rest who own this board... CHECK the timings of your RAM and your BIOS. I had to RMA my board because the board set the RAM to 1600 MHz when I had 1333 MHz RAM. It caused the board to freeze on boot, it won't even post. However, it's not a bricked board, you can just swap the BIOS for another or reflash it, but I happen to have just bought this board within 3 days. So RMAed it smile.gif

EDIT: I didn't answer the rest of your question... to boost it up you need to go into BIOS and go to CELL MENU and then the RAM setting should be below the CPU Clock. I believe you need to enable something to tweak the RAM but that option is on that page. From there I can't say exactly what to do, because my board is on it's way back I can't boot up and guide you through it step by step, but it shouldn't bee too hard.

As for how much of a difference it makes... I don't think you'll see a difference if you tweak the timing from 1333 to 1600 unless you run an intensive game or program. However, I do think that if you install more RAM you'll see a much more noticeable speed difference especially if you run Vista or Windows 7 because those OSes were made to use the ram you have available and not to waste any. If you can export more programs into ram then you will have faster response times from more things rather than just the high end software. That's what I know and that's why I figured having 16 gigs of ram versus 4 should make more difference than going from 1333 Mhz RAM to 1600 Mhz.

Another side note... I think most DDR2 RAM runs at or near 800 MHz, and DDR3 goes to 1600 MHz. So just having DDR3 RAM should make *that* much more difference, but I don't know for sure. CAS timings on DDR2 RAM are way lower than DDR3. DDR3 RAM I believe was designed to handle more memory at once than DDR2.
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All you have to do is set the memory multiplier to x8 and set the timings manually to 9-9-9-24.

Did you even know there is an x8 memory multiplier? 1600Mhz may not be specced officially by AMD (and be considered an "OC" by AMD terms), but somehow there's an x8 multiplier there anyway for running 1600Mhz.
I personally don't consider RAM OC-ed unless it is running past the rated settings (i.e. 1600Mhz on AMD is NOT OC'ed if the RAM is actually rated 1600Mhz).
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My mistake. I knew that the board doesn't set it at 1600 natively, and I knew you could set it to 1600 manually, but I didn't know you use the multiplier for it, and not the reference clock. However, I did know that 1600 was not an OC, just that you need to set it that way.
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Okay I went into the Cell Menu and and changed one setting, the FSB/DRAM Ratio to 1:4 and the speed went from 1333 to 1600. On boot up it now says 1600 on the RAM, and my system has started with no problems.

Total newb question, but is that the 8x multiplier?
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I'm actually extremely eager to get an answer to this question too, I bought 1600 ram not noticing that it was an OC for the board, What's the safest way to run this at 1600 speed without compromising any components?
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Yep, that is the x8 multiplier. I wonder why your BIOS still terms it as the FSB-DRAM ratio, in most motherboards nowadays (and officially) it is the memory multiplier, which brings the memory up a certain multiplier above the ref clock. FSB-DRAM is obsolete and not as much of an issue with the new integrated memory controller architecture.

Running 1600Mhz won't have anything in the way of the board, in fact most likely it won't be compromising anything at all. Since the voltage on that kit is 1.5V just like all other DDR3 RAM the capacitors supplying power to the RAM won't be stressed any more. Pretty much all AMD IMCs are capable of above 1333Mhz no matter what revision (just the C2 may need a bit more DRAM voltage than others).

Have you set the timings manually to 9-9-9-24? If you haven't and left them at auto you may be running something ridiculous such as 11-11-11-29
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Originally Posted by xd_1771;12157960 
Have you set the timings manually to 9-9-9-24? If you haven't and left them at auto you may be running something ridiculous such as 11-11-11-29

There's a whole bunch of timings under various names, but the first 4 going down were 9 9 9 24. I have no idea about the other values or what they mean.
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Check CPU-Z in the OS. They may have said 9-9-9-24 before you switched the RAM frequency, but may have changed to something outrageous after you set the RAM frequency. Most boards default to ridiculously high timings (i.e. CL11) for 1600Mhz with the "auto" settings.
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xd, you've been extremely helpful, thank you, as I haven't put the system together yet, because i am waiting on a Phenom to get delivered today, I will let you know if the timings jump but, I may also just allow the mobo to downclock my RAM to 1333 if that's running in specs... I want this system to last, and honestly, I wasn't even disappointed with the performance I got out of the computer BEFORE I upgraded all these components like mobo, ram, processor... My video card definitely could have used better players to work with as to produce the best results, and now we'll see how that goes. Good to know I can count on you for advise. Thanks XD
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