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Ok, I'll need expert help on this one. A bit of a read but please bear with me!

I've got a P5N-T Deluxe, Q9400 CPU, CoolerMaster 750W SLI ready PS. I'm currently running a MSI GTX260 2D896 OC:

I wanted to SLI so I bought an MSI GTX260 T2D896 OC V4:

They have identical stream processor count (216) and GPU/MEM/Shader frequency. The only difference is that the new card has S-video out.

Ok SO I go to put the T2D896 into my second SLI slot (blue slot 2). The machine posts. Both cards start up their fans at full. My original card's fan (in blue slot 1) slows down to normal speed. The new card's fan is still at full speed. Win7 x64 PRO boots no problem. The second card's fan is still going. Win7 DOES NOT recognize it at all! In fact it doesn't even acknowledge it's existence.

If I put the new card in slot 1 and boot. The machine posts and boots into windows BUT from boot until entry into windows there is NO video signal (monitor stays in stand by) BUT I Can hear the sound of the windows chime come on so I know it has booted into windows.

I put the new card into 2 other machines. No problem. Win 7 finds and uses it.

I put an older GT210 into slot 3. No problem. Win 7 finds it and uses it.

I tried putting a GTX480 into my slot 1 and the second scenario above happens - boots fine but no video signal.

My only theory is that SOMETHING is f'ed and there is some sort of power threshold I've hit that my old card is under but my new card is over.

I've tried the various PCI-e power connectors but those don't seem to be at fault. I even tried a different power supply. No dice.

As for RMA - I think I've passed my 3 year mark but I'm not sure. I have to take the MOBO out of the case and flip it over to find the serial #.

Experts... what's your take?