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My main question is will CAS latency drop when overclocking? Unit is a Sandybridge build.

With Intel MHz > CL, while AMD CL > MHz.

Secondly, I know with Intel memory a single point difference as long as the CAS isn't above 9 is hardly noticeable. But, would a CAS of 7 vs 9 seem like night and day in most operations?

I ask these questions to see if the GSkill ECO 2x4GB 1600MHz C8 1.35V, is worth $175 if I can OC it to 1866 and CAS 7. If not then are the GSkill Ripjaws X 2x4GB 1600MHz C7 1.6V worth the $160?

And if CAS 7 vs 9 is mostly irrelevant then I will simply go with the GSkill Snipers CAS 9 1.5Vor the regular Ripjaws X CAS 8 1.5V.

The comparison link featuring all 4 of these RAM can be found here. However, I think it will make my decision easier knowing what overclocking will do for CAS and if CAS 7 v 9 in a Sandybridge build will make a difference.
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