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That fan controller really compliments your case. Kudos.

Does anyone have any pictures of an installed Lamptron Touch?

If I get one, I would definitely want to paint it... that style just wouldn't fit my case.

Originally Posted by trekman View Post

you can get the scythe km03 black I got the few days ago controls 6 fans
with 6 temp
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Love my FC-5 v2
Attachment 192657
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5v2 looks cool but I'm trying to go for one without buttons. The Touch looks great though I would paint it. Here's my current list. If anyone has any experience with them please chime in, and pictures are great!

Lamptron FC Touch
NZXT Sentry LX
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Originally Posted by xyeLz View Post
5v2 looks cool but I'm trying to go for one without buttons.
...then you're not going to like the F6XT...
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Originally Posted by mike44njdevils View Post
...then you're not going to like the F6XT...
Yeah I realized that sorry mate.

I know I don't have much of a selection as far as my desires go but I guess I'm just wanting to see some pictures of cases and then I might be able to make up my mind.

The controllers look a lot different installed than just in a picture alone.
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Just bought the Lamptron FC Touch and 8 black Phobya cables from PPC, they just came back into stock so buy now if you want!

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Just thought I'd necro this thread, since I'm in a similar situation. Having just discovered the Sunbeam Rheosmart 6, I'm wondering if it's worth it for the PWM over the Lamptron FC-8. I'm going for a 6+ fan controller, though I do wish I were able to view the RPM and temps, as the FC-5 v2 and Touch display. Comments?
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No help at all?
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24-hour bump. Seriously. No one has any advice?
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