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Reached the limit......

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So right now, please don't relate the title to my first question.
1. I don't know if this post has been already posted but here it goes.
What is the difference between Vcore, CPU PLL Voltage and IMC Voltage? Cuz I've been trying to get a more 24/7 stable overclock lately and I don't get it, what should I tweak? As far as I know, the VCore is the main one but how about the others?

Since I have no idea what they are yet, I only tweaked my Vcore and IMC

2. So here are my current settings
Intel I5 760
BLCK =187
Multi =21
VCore = 1.225
IMC = 1.35

But I have a situation which is bugging me all the time, I can't get over 4Ghz!!!!! In this situation, the blck affects a lot, I actually increased 10% by 10% until I get to 40% which is 3.910 Ghz and I can't seem to get over it. If I accidentally increased my blck by 1, the BSOD shows up and I have to change it back to 187 again.

A few hours later, I tried to increase it to 50% which is about 4.2 Ghz( without changing the voltages first as it is a controlled variable ) and it boots!!........and hangs........and restarts. So I went to change the voltage little by little but I've reached the YELLOW color warning for my IMC and my VCore is set to 1.27 but still, nothing changed, I keep on getting the same error message until i returned it back to 3.92X Ghz..........

Please help......... I'm dying to get over 4 Ghz!!!

Here's my proofIt's like 27*c by that time.........
Nice temps eh?Idle

Full load for 6 hours
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On my way out this door, but this is a great guide. I used the Bloomfield version when I was learning, check out the explainations and definitions, sorry for being so brief

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Thanks for the link, I definitely going to try it out
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No problem, and resist the urge to any sort of "quick and dirty" method. You will get lower voltages and lower temps if you take the time to really fine tune it.
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