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Hello People ,

I own a msi p45 8-d motherboard.
Last week my memory died , so i have bought some new memory.
This time i ve bought some ddr3 memory , because in a view months, i will buy an i7 board etc...

My comp :
-q9550 processor
-ddr3 1333 Geil

i have set the hardware overclock onboard to fsb 400 mhz.
The cpu is working at 3400 mhz x 8.5 multiplier , rated fsb 1600mhz according cpuiz.
What are my best (stable)settings for the ram?

advance dram configuration?
fsb/dram ratio?
adjusted dram frequency?
adjust pci frequency?

I just had a memory management error , so i think settings are wrong.

I hope someone can help me out.

Kindly regards ,