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Setting a Peltier as CPU cooler!

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Its gonna be a long thread fellas so please bother reading as its important for me + i will provive step by step guide with photos if the project will be succesful thanks...

Hi everyone i just want t mention from the begin that if someone doesnt really know i would appriciate if he/she wouldnt answer. If someone has already done it step by step guide or photos etc would be a BIG HELP.

So my project is about overclocking and im comparing aircooling, watercooling and i would like to go for peltier cooling as i have heard that it really does the work.. anyway

Peltier specification: Specifications:

* Type: TEC1-12726
* 400W
* 12V
* Couples: 127
* Imax [A]: 10
* Vmax [V]: 15.4
* QCmax [W] 177.8
* Tmax ˚C: 68
* Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 3.65mm [2 x 2 x 0.15"]
* Wire length: 101mm [4"]
* Fully sealed for protection against moisture

Motherboard: Asus P6T SE
CPU: I7 920 at 2.67
CPU Fan: V8 Coolermaster
PSU: 750W thermal right

My idea of it is something like the following photo:
links not sure which one ll work:




Let me know if picture is available.

Questions on that:
1) Is it worth going for it even if its a hassle?
2) What sud i be aware of ?
3) Is my idea and circet correct?
4) Any problem that ill have regarding the current or voltage or ampers?
5) planning to go from 2.67 up to 4.5 or even 5 on that i7 920.
6) Another option is instead of V8 cpu fan to use water cpu cooler . i owe a zalman reserator xt which can be found here--> http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/coolers/display/zalman-reserator-xt.html
Reply here so if its gonna be succesful i can help others as well.

P.S: 1st exprirement failed using that idea mentioned on the photo with a lower wat peltier at 137wats with the same components i mention above. When i start it both sides went up to 85 C and then dropped to 40-45 C but when i tried it again it wasnt working at all....

Think the current was to high for the peltier but any1 knows how to regulate and control the current ? or anyway at all to explain me where im wrong ...

Thanks a lot for the time spent here smile.gif

Regards Georgios
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The TEC will need to be watercooled. A TEC1-12726 requires 26A at Umax, at 12v will require 19A while moving Qload=0, and because of the high amperage modding will be required.

Qmax will be 244W at 12v, 244W of Qmax will NOT be sufficient for an overclocked i7 especially at 5ghz. I would recommend at least 400W of Qmax. You will need to purchase a coldplate & hotplate, that covers the entire TEC, and will require 150-300PSI.

For thermal paste, I would use either mx-2 or ceramique.

Perfect guide for beginners.
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