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New Mouse, Any Suggestions?

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Hey guys I know there are a ton of these threads so I figured I'd make one more! As the title says I need some mouse suggestions. As for how I hold my house I use all three of the techniques and mold them into one. I have my palm on the back end of the mouse with my fingers slightly arced. I guess it's easier to show then to tell so here's a pic:

So as you can see I hold my mouse a bit differently then what I figure most do, hell maybe a lot of people hold their mouse like this and I just don't know it. Anyway right now I'm using a Logitech Performance Mouse MX and I find it a bit to big it, it also has way to many buttons.

The only requirements I have for a new mouse is that it be wireless and use what Logitech call "hyper-fast scrolling". The fast scrolling was the main reason I bought the MX, I love being able to just flick the mouse wheel and have it keep on spinning. I'd also like it if the mouse had two thumb buttons.

I'd like to add that I do play a lot of games so a gaming mouse would be fine to suggest.

PS: While I know one of my requirements is wireless I'd be willing to go wired as long as the mouse meets the other requirements. So if you have a wired mouse in mind that you think I'd like throw the suggestion out there and I'll look at it.

Thanks for everyone's help!
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