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I want to overclock my Core i7 930 to 3.2-3.6Ghz and have my Ram running at 2000Mhz but the problem is.. I don't know how to do this properly.

I have had my PC running at 3.6Ghz with the RAM at 2000Mhz before and it passed a few hours of Prime95 without error, but I did this by setting the mode to X.M.P then just tweaking the multiplier up to 22.0 and that was about as far as my OC knowledge goes.

It ran fine but I don't trust myself and didn't know if voltage was too high or whatever so I was hoping someone here would know where I can find a template to just copy that is already a stable OC? Is this possible?


Rampage III Extreme
Intel Core i7 930
G.Skills 6GB's Trident RAM

I know there are templates out there but I can only find 4.2Ghz+ ones and I don't want it that high, I would greatly appreciate any help.