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new gaming rig

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Ok so here is the deal 1000-1500 bucks I need a gaming rig built with either i5 2500k or i7-950.

CPU, GPU, MOBO, RAM, CASE, Optical, HDDx2 or HDD and SSD, CPU Cooler if i missed anything just add, my head is about to explode trying to put together a good strictly gaming rig. Thank you in advance.
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I can make one. and do you need monitors, keyboard, mouse etc?

Optical: (Or a blu-ray drive if you want.)

Case: (You can get some cheaper one if you want or color.)

HDD: (Or pick whatever size)

GPU: (You can get a better one or SLI)

PSU: (To use later on if you want to SLI or get a newer card.)

RAM: (Which ever GB you want)



Grand Total:$1,287.96 Before taxes and shipping.
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