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I have to say I am not a big fan of Vandersteens. My roommate has some 2CE and they are very average. He just bought some Harbeth Monitor 30 anniversary edition speakers and they absolutely blow the Vandersteens away, however they were $3800. redface.gif The difference between them and the Vandersteens is astonishing. They are so much more clear and precise. They have an eerie realness to them that I have never heard before. When both are hooked to his Rogue Cronus Magnum tube amp the Harbeths are magnitudes better.

That being said, my roommate's dad just got some B&W 803d and they are also excellent, but the Harbeth speakers IMO are better musically. I think for a home theater setup the B&W would be better. The B&W speakers (800d) are in fact what Lucas Studios uses for their THX sound studios. My roommate's dad was lucky enough to get a used pair in perfect condition for $4500, but I don't think you will be so lucky to fit them into your budget. They are $10,000 now new.

That being said, I really like the B&W CM-8 series speakers. They sound great but are a little bit brighter than the 803d. I think they still sound phenomenal. I think they can be had for around $3000. They are excellent for music and I think they will pair nicely with a good 5.1 system. My roommate's dad has one of the B&W center channels as well, but I have yet to hear it.

I have heard good things about Hivi Swan speakers as well. I really want to try some of their book shelf speakers. Apparently, they make some excellent complete home theater speaker packages. I'm not sure where you are from, but Cleveland Plasma is one USA dealer that I know of. They can get anything for you and they have some speakers available for you to try. Here is a system I really like
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