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I fold. I don't game very much. I want to be able to OC fairly high but with good stability. I want(ed) 4 PCIe x16 slots for GPU folding

That all said, I'm NOT asking which of the 3 boards listed above is "better", that's an easy one...what I'm asking is, is ponying up the 280 for the Revoltion really going to be worth it to me? If not, How much better is the Extreme6 over the Extreme4? I don't need dual LAN, but the 6 has better power phase management, and more USB 3.0/SATA III provisions. Ironically, the Extreme4 has a slightly "better" PCI/PCIe layout for me, as it leaves a PCI slot open for my Audigy.

I guess I just need peace of mind for making a hard decision.

Oh yeah, I'm leaning towards the Extreme6 as I keep looking in the mirror and saying to myself "am I really going to put 4 GPU's in my rig".....