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I currently have an Xonar DX sound card and I'm running Windows 7. I'm using some generic headphones right now. They do the job, but when I switch to my 2.1 speaker setup I hear things that my headphones miss. I play a wide variety of multiplayer games.

I'm definitely looking for a new set of cans. I'm unsure if I also need to pair it up with a AMP/DAC and/or new sound card as well. If looking to skip on an AMP I guess I'd be looking for a low OHM headset?

I do have outside noise that is audible in my room from time to time. So I think I'd be looking at closed headphones that will isolate that noise. I prefer the feel of over the ear headphones and I would be looking for a set of cans that are on the large side.

I'd like to spend as little as possible. But as I widen my research my price range seems to dramatically climb For a set of cans I would like to spend no more than $250. As far as an amp I haven't put much thought into it nor do I know if I need one. I would like to spend under $100 for an amp. But going with something that cheap (Cmoy) seems like it may be a waste of money?

From the research I have done this is what has stood out. If anyone can make any recommendations or other considerations one way or another that would be most helpful.

  • HD595 - Price is right and I hear many raves about these. But they are not closed. How would this effect my situation?
  • HD598 - Is the benifet really worth double the price of the HD595?
  • Beyer DT 880 Premium - Looks good, but a little pricey. Was originally looking at the DT 770. But I heard that they may be a LITTLE bass heavy?
  • Audio Technica ATH-A700 - Good reviews. But maybe not as good as the rest listed above. But the price is right.
  • DT150 - From the little I've heard, they seem good. Maybe just a bit heavy and odd looking for intense gaming marathons.

  • HT OMEGA Claro Halo
  • ASUS Xonar Essence STX

  • Audio-GD NFB-12
  • Audio-GD Sparrow
  • Cmoy