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Originally Posted by james8 View Post
i believe that only EVGA classified and a few other select ultra high-end mobo supports 4 card 4 way SLI
also for the 200 series, only EVGA GTX 285 Classified supports 4 way SLI.
I'm afraid so..

Originally Posted by Defoler View Post
Are you sure the R3F and Xpander works together?

Also the requirments for the 285 classified and the switch, it was a way to trick the system that instead of 4x285s, you actually had two 295s, which helped to enable the 4-gpu sli support.

The Quad-SLI with single cards was fixed when the 4xx series came out as far as I remember. I don't remember on which drivers.
3-Way was possible from day one (except you can do surround on 3-way 2xx series), but quad was enabled later as far as I remember.
Yes, I'm very sure, you can check it here as well, then go to the "specification" tab, you will see it's written on the bottom.
About the "trick" then I assume if I'm using the same particular driver (with the EVGA classy) then I can perform 4way SLI eventhough I'm using other brands?

Originally Posted by ablearcher View Post
This. The classys had a special driver (dunno if it was part of the GPU driver, or a mobo related one) that tricked the nVidia drivers into thinking it was quad SLI GTX295, instead of GTX285 cards.
well that's an option to perform 4way SLI back then, do you think it will work with other brands?
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anyone else who probably ever try the 4way SLI with GTX285?
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Check the bot.. theres not many scores or entries for 4x way, but there are some. Gains are something like 20% [at best] over 3x way

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