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I had originally posted this in the intel cpu forum but now I'm pretty sure its a mb problem so I thought I'd ask over here. The board was running great for a while but while I was oc'ing and running stability tests, the temps, vcore, and multiplier dropped (16x multi) and this was under 100% load. Now it is capped at 16X.

I have tried:
loading my other bios profiles that I saved before, and I can't get it past 16x even under load.
Default bios profile
Used AI Suite II's auto tune feature. When it was tuning it said something like 4.3ghz with a 103 bclk and 42 multi but after it was done I opened cpu-z and see it still stuck on 16x. Also 16x in the ai suite monitor cpu section as well.
Cleared CMOS
Updated bios to 1204 from 1053

I still don't know what the problem is but I kind of found a temporary remedy. What did work was going into the bios, setting AI Tuner to "Manual", Turbo Ratio to "By All Cores (can adjust in OS). And when I reboot into windows I am still capped at the 16x multiplier until I go into AI Suite II > Tool > TurboV Evo > More Settings > Turbo Ratio > make any adjustment (even if it is from 37 up to 38 and back down to 37) and hit apply. Then the limited 16x multi goes away and it can go up to what was set in the TurboV. But I have to do this every time the computer is shut off/reboot. Is there a fix for this?

i5 2500k
asus p8p67 pro
1053 bios version
gskill 1600 2x2gb ddr3 ram

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
Cpu-z 1.56.3
Real Temp 3.67
Prime 95 for stress testing and load