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I'm new to DIY HTPC building and don't know what to expect. It's not working out yet and any help is appreciated.

I bought the things below and put them together. When powered on the drives spin but I get no video. I'm only using HDMI, do I need to use DVI to get things started? Also, I'm only using the wireless keyboard, do I need to use a wired keyboard first? I've burned Ubuntu 10.10 32bit and 64bit DVDs following the Ubuntu instructions using a Mac. The disks burned OK but nothing different seems to happen when I start the HTPC with either disk. Of course, getting no video makes it hard to tell if anything different happens. But the drives seem to spin up the same. Do I have to use Windows to get the initial setup going or can I do this with just Ubuntu?

Here's the hardware I bought:
- Thermaltake Element Q
- Patriot DDR3 1066 1x2gb ram
- WD Caviar Green 2 TB HDD
- Samsung 12x SATA LightScribe BD-ROM/DVD Writer (SH-B123) bluray drive
- SIIG Wireless Multi-Touchpad Mini Keyboard

The AT5IONT-I was in an open box that is a bit beat up but the hardware looks OK to the eye. Could not getting HDMI output be a hardware problem? My TV sees the HDMI cable is plugged in but gets no signal.

Many thanks before hand for help on this little adventure of mine! Learning is fun!