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Could my motherboard be bad? MSI P67A-GD53 P67

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Hi folks, I've never posted on here but I had a very good recommendation from a friend so I figured I'd give it a shot.
Here is what I'm running:
MB: MSI P67A-GD53 P67 LGA1155
CPU: Intel i7 2600k (Sandy Bridge)
Mem: G.Skill Ripjaw series 12GB (3x4GB)
PSU: Rosewill BRONZE Series RBR1000-M 1000W
Graphics: MSI R5770 Hawk x2
SSD: 40gb Intel X25-V SSD
All of which are brand new from Newegg

I just build a new computer last week (well, upgraded most all of my hardware, so effectively new) and I'm having a problem, that at this point I'm thinking is related to the motherboard. The board is an MSI P67A-GD53 P67 LGA1155 R.

The most immediate issue is that Windows 7 64bit freezes on startup (at the windows logo screen) about 3/4 times. I've tried repairing it, and tried reinstalling it, but no luck. The drive I have it installed on is the Intell SSD, which is brand new, and windows is the only thing on there. When it makes it through startup it runs fine and has never crashed or had unexpected restarts, it just doesn't make it there very often.

Other things I've noticed:
1. In bios when I look at USB devices it says there are 2 keyboards, 1 mouse, and 2 hubs. I don't know what it might be referring too with the hubs, but I certainly only have 1 keyboard attached.

2. Inconsistent beep signals. I read online that MSI boards give beep signals based on how many USB devices are attached (which seems like an awful idea to me), so I'm really not sure how to interpret them, but I have noticed different patterns, even if I restart it several times back to back with no hardware or software changes. The most common is 5 beeps, with at least 2 different pitches.

3. Currently I am only using one of my graphics cards, because the one time I tried to link them and see if I could get Crossfire to work the screen was incredibly dim. I looked in CCC and both were detected and it seemed like they were linked correctly and crossfire was working, but even with my monitor brightness up all the way I could barely read anything. (This one could be user error, I've never linked cards before). I've tried each card individually, so I don't believe either of them are bad.

I have of course tried booting with as little hardware as possible (just the SSD and one graphics card), which didn't seem to have any effect on the problem. I tried remounting my CPU (just in case I used too much thermal paste or something). For a while I thought it might be my power supply, so I ran to Bestbuy and bought a new one to test with, but again there was no effect. I've downloaded every driver and bios update I could find, for all of my components.

I just heard about the possible recall for Sandy Bridges, so I guess that's a possibility also, I just thought I would post on here and see if anyone has any suggestions.
Thanks in advance,
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Just do yourself a favor and return it. Wait for Intel to fix the problem they're having, regardless of if it's affecting you, and then order the same board again or a different one.
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