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Hi all,

Problem: Des 2 will overvolt (In my case, from 1.29 to 1.59) after turning it off and then on again.

I'm in dialog with Gigabyte now who are having a look at this. If they find a solution or tell me i've done something wong, i'll let you all know. From my testing it seems to only occur when you manually change the Vcore in the BIOS. I left everything on Auto and couldn't get it to happen, so as it stands now it seems this bug only occurs when you are overclocking and/or manually changing the Vcore.

Board: GA-P67A-UD7

Video download (Virus free)

Play the file in 720P for a clearer view of the text in CPUZ and AIDA 64

(Gigabyte didn't mention anything, but if there is a feature of DES 2 which overvolts and i'm unaware, please let me know, i'll turn it off )
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