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What I don't get is other 1156/1366/etc Intel users being "happy" about the SB issues. This really isn't a good thing for any Intel user, period. Are you happy that all the people who were excited about SB's performance now might possibly have an issue down the road? You realize that by cutting heavily into their profit margin Intel will just have less $$ to spend on future designs/R&D. It just puts off the next generation of chips even longer.

Just kind of reminds me of that jealous little kid being happy when someone else's new toy has an issue/breaks/get stolen. Quite a bit immature.

Yes, I am a 2600k user--but also a 1156 user(main rig). A lot of us got the 2600k for folding, so I don't see how the all of a sudden 10,000 posts of people coming out of the woodwork to bash SB is in any way beneficial?

Worst case, I have to RMA my motherboard. Oh well, since when is it an issue for someone on a pc enthusiast's site to have to fiddle with their hardware?