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Octave GUI?

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Hey, I'm looking for a GUI for octave to have it mimic mathlab. I can always just get the student edition for mathlab instead, but just to save 100 or so bucks for the time being. Eventually I'm probably just going to pick up mathlab anyways, but at least this will give me something to play with instead of using the school computers.

Cheers for any input.
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Haven't played with Octave but some alternatives to check out are SciLab and FreeMat which do have GUIs.
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How do they compare? Our programming teacher did suggest octave.
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Check this

GUI Octave is a Graphical User Interface for the GNU Octave high-level language.

GNU Octave is a pretty strong interpreted language to solve linear and non-liner problems. However, the biggest drawback is that it has a command line version only.

This problem is solved by GUI Octave. It provides a free GUI for GNU Octave that lets you easily work with GNU Octave in a familiar UI, without worrying about the command line interface.

GUI Octave is totally free. It runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.
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To my knowledge, the best comprehensive GUI for Octave is Xoctave. It's not free anymore but it offers much more compared to free ones.
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