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I had the same issue with my 6950 Radeon Crossfire. I unlocked the shadders on the card so that didn't make it any better.
Worst part is since my bedroom is on the third floor of the house and if the A/C isn't turned on during these hot summer days. My cards have a hard time staying cool.

A few solutions I came across is my Cooler Master has a side fan but I'm planning to install four 2000 rpm fans on the side.
For now I have three extra fans on the bottom. I got a PCI slotted fan from Tiger Direct for around $20.
It didn't work well when the fan was attached right in the vacant PCI slot so I moved the fan in the front of the crossfire unit so push some airflow on my top card.
As well I would advised to install the mounting screws to both video cards as my case had clips but lacked to provide me with spacing towards the cards.