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Disregard...ordering an iandh.

I'm getting ready to hop back into watercooling and am in the process of picking out parts. Still need to buy a case; leaning heavily towards a Lian Li PC-A05B with a 240mm radiator in the roof and possibly another on the back. Going back to water much more for the aesthetics than anything, so please don't flame me there. At least I'm honest.

My big question is a reservoir. I am looking into the EK Multioption X2 res in either a 100ml or 150ml size. The photos from FrozenCPU make it seem as if it would be possible to rig these reservoirs in a vertical orientation in such a manner that it would work as a flow meter as well. It appears to me it could be configured so that water entered the top and then had to build up to a certain level before reaching the same height as the tubes within the reservoir. If the water level were to be filled to the right amount, I think a cascade effect could be managed that would still have the water level above the tubes inside the reservoir but below the top of the reservoir itself.

Does anyone know if this is true? I plan on having this vertically in the case's interior on the back wall (next to expansion slots) and using fittings on the side rather than the top (possibly a fillport on the top).

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