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BSOD Probonlem

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Alright so I am not sure if this is really the right section, but it is an Intel build so I will ask it here.

Just tonight my computer (sig rig) BSODed on me while surfing the internet. when I restart it, it gets to the windows login screen, I put my username and PW in and then it load for about 5 sec and then BSODs on me. The screen flashes up for a sec, dumps physical memory and then is gone so I don't really get a chance to see any exact error messages. I have tried a few different things so far:

- Turned off my OC and set the BIOS back to the default settings.
- Booted into Safe Mode
- Took out some second hand RAM that I recently added.

I am out of ideas now and I come to you guys to ask for help.

What kind of problem am I looking at here? I can load BIOS and everything just fine. Infact, it is fine all the way up until it starts loading windows after the user login screen. I am hesitant to reformat because there is a huge amount of stuff that needs backing up and the boot drives are RAID 0 and I am not sure how putting that into another rig just to back stuff up will work out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. OCN has never failed me.
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When I run into a wall like this. I will pop in my Windows disk, And try the repair option.
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Funny story. My Windows 7 disc is an image file on my HDD. I just burn it when I need it. Poor decision making right there. (not pirated btw, I know someone is going to jump on me for that. I got it from the MSDN.)

I might see if I can't get it onto another rig and burn it from there.
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Ok, after some research I found that the BSOD is being caused by iaStor.sys and that it is a RAID driver.

Also, it seems like this is possibly caused by a virue (according to one or two sites).

Anyone know a reasonable way to fix it besides reformatting? And is there a way to get my data off of the RAID 0 drives the computer boots off of? I have never tried plugging a Raid array from one computer into another.
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