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Quick summary PC doesn't restart it hangs when overclocking the monitor shuts off but the pc is still running. Also, if I make some changes in the Bios it doesn't restart it just turns the monitor off and the pc stays on and doesn't reboot.

I'm having this weird issue when over clocking I can't get the PC to automatically reboot unfortunately I've got to manually reboot no matter the FSB I use.

Despite that, even if I were to bump the volts all the way up it doesn't seem to help, nor does fiddling with the ram timing help either. I use the factory settings and still no success if anyone has had this issue please help.

I have a after market cooler it's the Zalman CNPS10X Extreme, PSU is bfg technologies 650 watt, ram is Kingston Hyper X, Video Card is Radeon 5850, Mobo is EVGA 750iSLi FTW.

Also, my temps. are always either mid 30's and low 40's overclocked and stock its high 20's and 19.
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