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Alienware M11x alternatives?

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I need a super portable, but powerful computer. The M11x is exactly what I need, but with the apparent hinge issues, and an Alienware price tag, do I have any other choices?

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I deff thought they had a recall on the hinge issues and it's fixed now? And you've got to pay to play.
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For the form factor there is nothing on the market that is comparable.

As for the hinge issue, no, there was no recall and Dell has a fix coming soon that will fix the issue for both new and old owners.

Price is fair for the size and quality (minus the hinge) and deals can be had if you call in and haggle or buy refurbs with 20-25% off coupons.
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i had this same kind of issue when researching the last month and a half. i recently started college so was in the market for an ultra-portable with gaming capabilities. after a month or so of going through the different manufacturers i came down to a top 5 list.

macbook air
macbook pro
asus u36jc - http://usa.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=XrzH3yU3IVV4nMqL
sony vaio z series - http://b2b.sony.com/Solutions/product/VPCZ133GX/B
dell m11x alienware

i went to all the different retails stores to play with each of them minus the asus laptop as that is only available online. the main stats i considered were 5 things...size of the machine/keyboard since this is extremely important considering the size of the machines, battery life, then was cpu, gfx, and then ram. all machines i considered were packin' an nvidia 3xxM series and the machines i compared were all core i5 4xx series cpu's so they're lower power in terms of consumption.

the sony z series i ruled against simply because the worthwhile specs start at $2k and that's no good price wise...that is more than an alienware and more than the macbooks. then i eventually ruled out the dell m11x due to the keyboard being obnoxious...albeit backlit and has good stats for the size of the laptop i simply could not get passed the flat and non-tactile feeling of the keyboard...other than that being a deal breaker the alienware was a great machine considering stats and size. the macbooks being the final contenders with the asus u36 as they're all very small machines with similar specs. afaik the asus u36 is the smallest ultra-portable compared to the macbook air and will only be bested by the new samsung that was announced recently. both macbooks and the asus have the chiclet style keyboards and almost the same sunken design where the keys lay flush with the casing. the macbook air and asus both have very good battery life. the asus was boasting an 8 hour battery life due to the nvidia optimus technology and probably true if you turn off aero in win7 and use their power software...i have only achieved about 5 hours during a normal day at school running various office and web apps. then lastly i considered the gaming aspects...the nvidia 3xxM series seems to be adequate to play games but, it is worth noting that the asus u36 is using a 310M where as the rest of the laptops i listed are using 330M or better which is a good improvement over the 310M.

in the end i went with the asus u36jc due to the size of the laptop, the power to play games was enough for me as i only play a couple mmo's and the odd steam game when i am not at home on my desktop, and then the battery life...the battery life on this thing is amazing. only have to switch on the nvidia gfx when i play a game otherwise it is using the ultra-low powered intel gfx onboard.

no idea if that helps you at all other than maybe give you some ideas on what other laptops there are out there.
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