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PNY GTX 460 crashing issue

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I recently upgraded my EVGA 9800GT to a PNY GTX 460 OC 1G card to run WOW at higher settings. For the past three days, this card has become unusable due to random crashing/bluescreening/artifacting. At first I thought maybe the card was overheating, but i installed a monitoring tool and ran the game on ULTRA setting. Within ten minutes, windows crashed. I checked the log to see these results:
Right before the machine crashes, the temp was registered at 72C and the GPU was at 99% load. I'm thinking this isn't an overheating issue since the temp is within stable limits. GPU spikes to 99% right before crashing.
Could this be the result of a weak PSU that cannot handle high GPU load? Or could this be a driver-related issue.
The previous video card never had this issue. This started immediately after installing the new card. So I'm sure there is something wrong with the new 460.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Some other background info:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.5GHz (stock)
120GB Intel SSD ...G2
Antec 500W PSU
Windows Vista Business 64bit
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From experience, I believe it is the card itself. I once had a PNY 9800gtx+ and used it for gaming (COD4). Every now and then it would crash my computer and I had to do a hard reset. I tried every way to fix it, but i ended up buying an EVGA GTX 260 which I never had a problem with crashing/freezing.

So yeah, in my situation it was the PNY graphics card and i'll never buy a PNY card again lol. I ended up giving the card to my friend (with a different system) and his computer also started to crash on him once in a while.

I suggest you return it and purchase from another manufacturer (EVGA/BFG/MSI/etc). If not you can RMA it and see if that fixes it.
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I believe I have narrowed down the problem, in case others are having the same issue. I tried the obvious stuff (installing older nvidia drivers 260, 258 and uninstalling daemon tools). Both yielded no results.
After looking into my PSU specs, I noticed my 12v rails run at 22Amps. 12vA24 is required for this card (critical detail i overlooked). I ordered a new PSU and awaiting delivery. I will post results if the issues clears.
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Well I am at a loss here. I discovered my older PSU had 2 12v rails @ 22A each (total combined of 34A). Seemed to be the problem as my video card required 12V @ 24A (total combined 38A). Unfortunately, the new PSU did not fix the issue. Crashing starting occurring on day 2. I have searched forums for a solution, but it seems everyone with this issue had RMA'd their card.
Right now my old 9800GT is back in service and the system is once again stable. I honestly do not see a noticeable performance gain from the GTX460 as WOW is running at the same FPS. So i'm not too sad about returning this card. This has soured my experience with the GTX 400 series, so that is no longer an option due to compatibility issues with my setup.

Deciding weather or not to get a GTX 5xx, but worried it too may have similiar issues if this is indeed a driver problem.
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you should try another manufacturer but whatever..
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