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Need some peripheral help guys for a friend in need.

Poll Results: Which peripheral brand list for our mate's birthday rig?

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Alright men and women of Overclock.net I need your help. It's my mate's birthday in a few weeks and he's had a bit of a rough year so far, his girl friend dumped him, his computer has met its end, and he was kicked out of his apartment by his ex, and worst of all his father passed away on the second of Janurary.

So a few mates and I are trying to build him a rig from leftover parts we have lying around. It was going well, a mate had a QX9650 he didn't know he had lying around, he just thought it was a Q6600 , a mate had a TJ07 he's been looking to sell but added that to the rig, a mate threw in his Z-5500's because he got sick of them and I had 8 Gigs of Ram and two GTX 285's lying around been thinking about selling for a while now but decided to throw it in. Then we go to the peripheral part...

We knew we couldn't just get him some Microsoft basic keyboard and mouse, that wouldn't make this rig special. Now we know our mate is a pretty fussy gamer when it comes to his peripherals it all has to be the same brand e.g. Logitech, Razer, Steelseries, etc. and we know whatever we give him he'll love, but we want to make it special so I've got two lists here and I am curious as to which you guys think is the best as between the five of us making the rig we've gotten into a few arguments Because I swear by Steelseries, two mates swear by Razer and the other two swear by Logitech and since I was in the minority I got booted out of the running pretty quickly

Our mate is a First Person Shooter, Strategy, RPG, and MMO player so which of these would you recommend as I wouldn't choose either but I'm in the minority

Logitech G510
Logitech G700
Logitech G930

Razer Naga
Razer Carcharias
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Now between the the five of us we know these are great peripherals. But we want him to get the best performance, comfort, ease of use, driver support and reliability.

*Cough* Steelseries *Cough*

I wouldn't choose either so it's dead locked at the moment. So I need your help guys and girls. I'll set up a poll so if you don't feel like posting you can just chose your answer. But if you select the "Other" option can you please post what you would use instead.

Thank you in advance and please help us for this good cause for our mate.

G. Callen
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Damn... he has nice friends.
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Haha, yeah we are pretty nice friends

We just think he could use a break with all the stuff going on in his life and what better way than to absorb his life into a few games
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