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Originally Posted by blupupher View Post
Nothing is wrong with 6 cores. Just the OP would be going from a really good quad to a very good x6 for maybe 15% improvement and a lot of cash. Going from an x2 to an x6 is a really big jump (or even huge depending on what x2).

No, just for where the OP was at and their other components their are better things to spend the money on. Futureproofing is impossible for anything more than about a year, maybe 18 months.

You felt that an x6 would be good for your needs and keep you set for a while, which is great. Don't let anything written to somebody else feel bad about your very nice build.
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Originally Posted by smash_mouth01 View Post
True, but yeah this particular review had them stock for stock, it wasn't the best I have read but it did give the impression that you will get a performance increase in games going from x4 to x6.
Could this improvement have been due to the fact that the X6 have Turbo Core while the X4 dont? Even at stock I think a 1055T can hit 3.7ghz with turbo. I have no idea which review you are referring to so this is just a stab in the dark.

I actually disagree with the future proofing mentality. Why would you pay more for something now when you won't fully utilize it for another year or two? If you really find yourself needing the power then, there will be newer offerings at the same price points, and existing offerings will be much cheaper.

OT: If you are purely gaming, I don't think it is worth it. If you do other stuff that benefits from having more cores (Folding@Home, AutoCAD, etc) then it might be worth it depending on the price. My 1055T nets me ~2-3K more PPD than my old 965 did. I bought my 1055T last July, it is already $20 cheaper if you buy it new today. Save your money, there will be many opportunities for you to throw money at AMD or Intel down the road.
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