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My computer stopped outputting to the screen when I turned it on one day after working for about 4 months. Lights and fans come on, but that is it. I tested everything except the motherboard and processor in another system and they work fine. I assumed there was a flaw in motherboard that finally cropped up so I had it RMAed. I was shipped back an identical motherboard with no additional information (might be the exact same one).

The same problem still occurs.

I bought a diagnostic board to see if the BIOS was doing anything and sure enough I get code 00. Which I assume means it never started. So my question is this, is it safe to assume my processor is gone or could my motherboard still be at fault and ASUS just returned my old one? If there are any other tests I could run please let me know, but I think I've run my options into the ground by this point. (I don't have another matching processor/mobo to test with)

Motherboard - Asus P6X58D-E
Processor - Intel i7-930

Thank you for any help