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So this book Daemon, is a real world scenario bases on World of Warcraft. Let me explain:

So the Owner of Lets say Blizzard dies. Who had designed and made billions of warcraft. But 10 million plus people have already installed the game. What the users don't know and what nobody else at Blizzard knows, is that guy who died, created a back door entrance into everyone's computer. Called a Daemon. The Daemon was designed to work once someones in the media (newspaper, online articles, TV) releases something linked to the Daemon.

Long story short: A real world scenario of Banks collapsing and the human population living based on a real world leveling system. Ive read a TON of books in my life, and this book, along with the sequel, are the best books I have ever read.

1st book:

2nd book:

as you can see the reviews are outstanding. If u play games READ IT!