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I'm having trouble getting a profile rule to control the speed of my GPU fan based on GPU temp. This is a new build and it worked fine on my previous build. It's possible that NVIDIA System Tools was a different version on that build, but I updated recently, so I'm thinking it was the same version or maybe one behind.

Anyway, I create a rule similar to the one seen in the attached pic and I cannot get it to activate - the fan simply never increases or decreases. I can switch to manual control and increase it just fine, but I'd prefer not to have to do this. I've made sure it's attached to my current profile, etc. On my previous build, as soon as I hit Apply, the fan instantly responded.

Last resort, I'm going to see if I can fire up my old hard drive and try narrow down the differences. Perhaps I'm overlooking one simple step, but if so, I can't figure out what it is

Any ideas?

For reference: GTX 275; driver v.266.58; system tools 6.06