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Asus M2n68-am plus, issues

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Hi, I just installed MicroXP v0.82 on my computer... Now, I like that it's using up only 80mb of ram as I speak... But, I cannot seem to find an audio driver that works. I have done everything, tried downloading the HD Audio drivers straight up from the Asus website.. but nothing. I always get a error message that im missing "ksuser.dll on Windows XP Pro SP3 disc".

To the person who helps find me the correct driver, they will be +repped and their help is much appreciated.


I've tried getting drivers through the Device Manager many times. Yet again, it fails to succeed.

Thank you!
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on your first picture, hit the browse button when installing the driver and chose a path that contains a different portion of the driver most of the time the computer can just browse different folders, then hit ok, you may need to suggest a new folder more than once to find the right file once in the driver files.

p.s. those interested in helping will as always accept +rep also
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thge web suggests this is a direct X Dll problem and downloading the latest version of direct X and install may clear this up give it a try

good luck, repost if you are still having troubles
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