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Need help with new PC

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Hello, I'm new on the forum, and I just wanted to ask for any suggestions and feedback on a new PC I'm building. This will be my first time building a PC. I'm going with these parts...

CPU : Phenom II x4 955

Motherboard : ASRock 880G or the ASUS M4A78T-E, I'm not sure... can anyone suggest a motherboard?

GPU : GTX 460. Will this be enough to play FPS such as Bad Company 2? I want to use this system to play games like that. Like, I've never played Crysis. haha

RAM : Crucial 4GB

Harddrive : Spinpoint F3 500GB or the 1TB version

Optical Drive : Lite-on blu ray drive

Case : the HAF 922, Storm Scout, or Tempest EVO, I'm not sure about this either. Suggestions please!

PSU : Silverstone Strider Plus 850W. I'm planning to overclock a little

Will these parts all work together? I'm trying to stay around $600-700. I'll mainly use this PC to play games on, maybe a little Photoshop. Also, when I build this, do all motherboards have an ethernet cable slot for internet? I'm not sure how to get internet on it if I build it, ... is it the same as buying a premade PC?
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Go with the asus motherboard. I would see if you can get a six core possible. But if not the 955 is a good chip.

Have you looked into the NZXT Phantom for your case? Otherwise I would say get the haf 932, not the 922.

I would go with a corsair PSU, something along the lines of 650watts or so.

Do you really need a bluray drive? Go with the 1TB drive, look into the WD drives, they have longer warrenty.

Try and get an 8gb kit of ram rather then a 4gb kit.
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Why should I get a six core? I have a question about motherboards and cases, most of them say USB 2.0, shouldn't it be USB 3.0? Aren't USB 3.0 newer? and, whats the difference between mid tower cases and full tower cases? Oh, and one last thing, will the Corsair 650watt be good for overclocking? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks for the help
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The six core will only give you more multi tasking ability. The motherboards are starting to come more and more with USB3.0, but it isn't standard yet. A mid tower case is much smaller then a full tower case. The full tower cases also cost more.

The PSU normally doesn't effect your overclocking ability, but the corsair 650 will be a good PSU to get.
If you want a good board with USB3.0 you should get this.
remember many devices still only support USB 2.0, so you won't be able to take advantage of 3.0.
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Oh. Which tower case should I get then? and I'm still not sure on how to connect to the internet. Is it through an Ethernet plug on the motherboard?
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