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Hello my name is William Perdigon and I hope I am posting this in the right section, and that you guys are friendly to new comers on this forum

I have a Dell XPS 435T/9000 which when I purchased 1 Year Ago I loved. However, recently I have been looking for a new model option. Typicially I like to replace my computer about 1.5-2 years. I figured for the price (paid $1030 open box at Micro Center) for the XPS Studio 9000/435T was worth it.

I thought it had the greatest and latest. i7 920 with 6 gig's of ddr3 Woot! I am rocking and rolling! However, lately I am looking for something new but I am really caught in the cross fire. I have been gaming more, and wanting to know more about the PC I was going to invest money into. So, natrually I am expanding my horizons and learning. With the help of this forum, and my dad's advice. I learned that my PC wasn't so great and was locked. At first I didn't know what locked meant, but hey, no one said it was a good thing . Now here I am, want a new pc, but while it sounds dumb, I love the case of the dell that I currently have. I simply think the sleek styling is awesome. Here are some photos.

So, I gave it some thought and started reading more and more, and yes, more. Well, Here's the deal. I wanted a new PC, but I wanted to just Upgrade mine as well. Turns out, I can't. I basically can't do anything with my PC. Thanks Dell. I appreciate that. Being the rebel that I am. I fixed that.

I put an Asus P6X58D Premium into my Dell XPS Studio 9000/435T and unlocked it. I also upgraded my 1066 ram to 1333 Cosair XMS. I understand the memory is budget memory however I sorta already had it when I decided to do the Mobo into the case. Check out the pics.

Now, I need some help on what I should do next to make this bad boy working even better. I am running a XFX 5670 Video Card as well.

William Perdigon