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Originally Posted by Spicy61 View Post
Where do I even start?

I regularly check tech prices online. I am part of one of the largest deals forums on the internet and I frequent that site MULTIPLE times a day. Saying that there are more cheaper 1600 ram deals than 1333 deals is a FLAT OUT LIE. I've noticed that all you quote is Newegg nonsale prices. That's probably because that's all you know. You are way wrong.


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Originally Posted by Ronin Tanker View Post
I think maybe xd_1771 was referring to the most bang for your buck and for what the OP might plan for the future. Like if he should decide to push the limits of his pc. He would have more options and stability with the better ram.
'Nuff said. I also check priecs literally 8 times a day, I have found that most 1600Mhz memory @ CL9 (or equivalent 1333 CL7) is within $5 of the generic alternative that will: 1. not give you the most bang for your buck 2. not give you best performance 3. not give you best results for the entire system because 1333 CL9 is a minimum standard. Especially if you're overclocking, it will most likely hold you back. 4GB of 1600 CL9 regularly goes for ~$40 or less and so does the equivalent 1333 CL7 kits on Newegg.com and other sites.

Saying I don't know about RAM prices... heck, I regularly post good online deals with memory! Counting the universal 15% off memory promo code, such mainstream performance kits can be had on Newegg right now for less than $35. Here is an excellent Crucial kit for $34 after promo that features Micron ICs and overclocks very well; it matches the price of every single other generic kit available on Newegg. You don't seem to be up to date on your RAM suggestions at all, nowhere on Amazon do I see a $20 Patriot 4GB DDR3 kit; it may have expired by now. I would appreciate it if you would at least use current, comparable results. In addition, Patriot 1333Mhz kits I will never, ever suggest in my lifetime on this site even if they are available for $20/4GB, because all I have seen from their 1333Mhz is crum results; why: they require a massive 1.65V for generic settings that are at the bottom end of the entire DDR3 RAM spectrum. In this age of easily available high quality DDR3, I do not consider any single kit that requires more than 1.5V for JEDEC-specified minimum settings acceptable for any members of this community; that is just unacceptable and inexcusable.

I agree that how you utilise RAM really depends on what you do, but impact in real life performance is indeed bigger than you think. RAM affects boot times, app load times, video transcoding & Folding@Home the most. With an SSD, higher speed/low timings is a must to take full advantage. The only reason I talk badly of MSI, 4+1 phases, 1333 CL9, etc. in the majority of threads is because the majority of the people here are simply doing it wrong, and I am highly concerned and committed to helping give users the best safety, choice of parts, and price on these forums. You don't seem to appreciate that at all that much. I am not always able to come up with suggestions due to limited time, but at the moment I am already commiting a lot to this section of the site.
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