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I have problems with sleep mode on Asus P8H67-M EVO motherboard. When I press sleep in Windows 7 x64 monitor became black, case power led become blinking but CPU, chassis and power supply fans are still spinning, I can’t say is HDD is working since I have SSD drive and I can’t hear any noise from it. When I press power button again PC successfully resumes from this so to say “sleep†mode.
When I go to sleep quickly after computer restart either without being log on or immediately after this it usually goes in normal sleep mode with everything shut down. But after several minutes of work it always failed to sleep properly.
As details I have Noctua CPU fan with two 3-pin fans connected via Y-splitter to CPU_FAN header so speed control is not working and fans are always on the full speed spinning.
I tried to find S1/S3 sleep options in BIOS but I can’t see anything similar opposed to any previous mobos I saw.