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help on o/c needed badly

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Hi everyone, im new to overclocking den.
I have a very old mobo given to me recently, here are the specs.

Mobo : ECS 945GCTm2/1333 v1.0A
Ram : 2 x 1gb PC2-5300 CL5
Processor : Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20 GHz

My bios doesn't have the overclocking option, so one of the sticky direct me to a program of overclocking.

So i have search the whole web for almost as many third party program as there is out there, but to no avail.
Some of them are paid licence, some of them doesnt have my PLL IC.

Can some kind soul just guide me slowly on how to go about o/cing?
i Spend like the last 10 hours on basically, nothing.
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The only one is SetFSB that I can think of. However, I'd probably be more inclined to drop $70 on a new motherboard. You'll probably fine it performs better anyway.

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I already have a msi p45 neo 3 fr.

this lous mobo was given by my auntie which she doesnt need it anymore, so im trying to salvage something out of it. It brings some fun and enjoyment to me.

Anyway, i tryed setfsb, but upon restart system, the setting went all the way back to default. and the program is kinda 'downclass
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Beggar's can't be choosers. There are very few applications out there that can do a half decent job on software overclocking and even those depended on BIOS chips and stuff like that.

In short, If the option isn't in your motherboard bios, you could try flashing it with a manufacturer bios. Downside of this, you could brick your motherboard if you do it wrong.

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what do you mean by flashing it wih a manufacturer bios?
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Strip your machine down, find out the motherboard manufacturer and model number, go to the manufacturers website and download the latest bios.

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dude, i already have updated my bios -_-
and i have stated my mobo model.

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