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looking for Gskill Eco OC'ers

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got a set of 1600 7-8-7-24 1.35v eco's on the way


mobo is a biostar ta890fxe

i was wondering what's the maximum voltage i can run 24/7 and what kind of oc to expect? i know each set is different, but roughly how much voltage for 1600 6-7-6 or something similar?

if you have these, post up your oc
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You're going to have to put your hopes on Elpida BBSE ICs in this. Biostar TA890FXE doesn't work well with PSC ICs - most ECO use PSC, there are some though that have used BBSE which should not only work better (or actually work) but OC a bit better. On most other motherboards ECOs can reach 6-8-6, the BBSE ones (there's really no way to tell except removing heatspreaders) can do 6-7-6.
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well, hope i get lucky

worst case they'll still be a nice upgrade at stock timings/speed

do you know how much voltage i can put through these things? they're rated for 1.35v so i'm not sure if its ok to run 1.6v+?
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Guess so; haven't seen a single ECO kit that doesn't reach at least 6-8-6 though I mean, I have two kits, both at 6-8-6. Haven't tried 6-7-6... but might be possible. 1.6V is about the sweet spot for voltage, above that scaling stops doing so well; sometimes you can scale well up to 1.65V but only on certain kits. At least you're not like me and I'm forced to run 1.6V due to BIOS limitations.
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gotcha, i'll report back once it arrives
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