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Hi all, new to the forums!

First off, I know nothing about raids or how they work, so please be patient with me while I try to explain my problem to the best of my ability.

Here's the problem. We found an old avid raid setup (rS273/320 MediaDrive LVD, 300gb total) in the back of our offices and hooked it up to our current workstation to see what was on it. The old raid hooked up fine and the PC was able to see it and access it. We even digitized to it without a hitch. Then we went back to hook up our current raid again (Avid VideoRAID RTR320X, 5tb total) and we found that the computer no longer could see it. No drives show up in "My Computer". Although under Disk Management in Administrative Tools, all the partitions show up, but all have a "Failed" status.

Nothing has changed with the drives themselves, or the way we hooked them back up. We didn't even move the drives from the rack, just unplugged the SCSI cables from the back of the computer and plugged them back in. And as always we let the drives power up before turning on the computer. We have tried many system restarts without success. We even went into the LSI SCSI Boot Adapter settings and restored everything to default. Still nothing.

Any advice? Is there something we need to do within the computer to get the raid to show up again? Here are the computer specs:

HP Workstation xw8200. Intel Xeon 3.40GHz, 3 GB of Ram. Windows XP Pro

Thanks in advance guys!
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