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Help with timings

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I have 8 gigs of this
There currently runnign at 1524, what i need to know is how to change timings to lower ones from 9-9-9-24-2t, and on another note overclocked cpu to 4.0, To make system stable i had to up ram voltages to 1.6.
every attempt ive had leads to bsod

And one more question how do i get the heatsink or heatspreader off/on without ruining the ram, i want to paint them a diff color
Your feedback and help is much appreciated
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You had to up RAM voltage to 1.6? Don't think that should ever have to be done, but guess that's what makes it work for you. How to get the heatspreader off without ruining the RAM, I don't know... there's always that risk. That's why I just keep the heatspreaders on anyway. You may be able to manage 8-8-8 on that kit, if lucky you'll get 7-8-7.
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Ya i dont know why but no matter what voltage on the others like nb cpu nb ect nothign made it stable but as soon as i upped the voltage on ram its stable.
ther are like 20 different setting inside the ram option in bios sec let me get a ss

what do i set the rest of the variables 2?
i get the 9-9-9-24-2t but what about the rest?
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The rest of the valuables are fine at their "auto" values, but it might be one of those settings causing issues, upping them won't make a difference (i.e. I have TwTr set to 6, no difference and keeps things stable)
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is windows memory diagnostic any good?
Cause i set volts to 1.62 and ran it with 7-8-7-24-1t at 1524 and it detected no errors when i extreme tested it with catch on 6 times
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It's fine, but I would use memtest86+ to check defective memory, HyperPi @ 32M to stability test in OS environment.
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so if it runs throught super pi 32m fine its stable?

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SuperPi 32M is good too. HyperPi 32M just runs multiple instances of SuperPi per core, it's somewhat more stressful and more effective. Near-1600 at 7-8-7 is about in-line with most overclocking results for that kit
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